How to Sponsor a Spouse From Brazil

Are you ready to tie the knot with a Brazilian national or have you already taken the leap? The remarkable Family Sponsorship category paves the way for your spouse's permanent residency, marking the first step towards their Canadian citizenship. This awe-inspiring process, brimming with possibilities, requires the expert guidance of a skilled lawyer to navigate its intricacies.

Embracing Love in Brazil

Prepare yourself for the exhilarating journey by applying for the VITUR Tourist Visa, an entryway to Brazil. The duration of your stay hinges upon the discretion of the visa officer assigned to your case, with a maximum of 90 days. Keep in mind that the entire marriage process typically takes between 1 to 2 months.

To exchange vows with your Brazilian sweetheart as a Canadian citizen, you must gather the requisite documents from Canada. Seek out the Civil Registry, known as the Cartório de Registro Civil e Pessoas Naturais, in your spouse's place of residence. Submit the documents and apply for permission to wed, embarking on a momentous chapter of your lives together.

Bring Your Spouse to Canada

Here's how we can help you:

  • Formulate a strategy based on your particular circumstances.
  • Collect and review supporting documentation to sufficiently establish the genuineness of your relationship.
  • Prepare you and your spouse or partner for any requested interviews.
  • Provide expert legal submissions in support of your application.
  • Communicate with the immigration authorities on your behalf to ensure you don’t miss anything, which could lead to significant delays.

If you’re looking for an immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship, Matthew Jeffery has over 20 years of experience and specializes in handling spousal sponsorships with high success rates. To see if you qualify for spousal sponsorship, fill out our FREE Sponsorship Assessment form.

Awaiting Matrimony

Anticipation builds as you eagerly anticipate your wedding day, usually scheduled within 1 to 2 months from the date of your permission to marry application. Delays are necessary as the registry forwards your application to the Brazilian government, which in turn publishes marriage banns on the esteemed Diário Oficial da União (the government's Official Gazette). Permission to marry is granted solely in the absence of objections after a mandatory 30-day waiting period, and the notice will be published in the Diário Oficial da União.

Post-Nuptial Obligations

Immediately following your wedding ceremony, it is crucial to visit the Federal Police – Foreigner Sector (Policia Federal – Setor de Estrangeiros) armed with the original Marriage Certificate and other pertinent documents. There, you will apply for the VIPER Permanent Visa. If your application is accepted, you will receive a protocolo, a document featuring your photograph, essential identification information, nationality, parentage details, and other relevant particulars. This protocolo will remain valid for 180 days, allowing you to reside in Brazil while your permanent resident visa is being processed. Visa processing typically spans 1 to 2 years, though you may request an extension for your protocolo.

Essential Documents for Marrying a Brazilian Spouse

A translated copy of your original Birth Certificate, authorized by a notarized translator

If this is your first marriage, a declaration from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada affirming your single status (translation into Portuguese is necessary)

In the case of a divorce, the final/absolute Divorce Decree or a Divorce Certificate

Clear, legible copies of your passport, including visa and identification pages, certified by a lawyer

A clear, legible copy of your Entry Card, also certified by a lawyer

Unmasking the Consequences of Fraudulent Spousal Sponsorship

While some may view marriage as a means to exploit benefits or financial gains, the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) agency remains vigilant against such actions. Should the authorities determine that your marriage lacks authenticity, not only will your permanent residency application be denied (or revoked if previously obtained), but you could also face a permanent ban from sponsoring individuals into Canada.

The Imperative of Legal Representation

The intricacies and time-consuming nature of the sponsorship process necessitate seeking legal representation when sponsoring your wife or husband to Canada. Trust in the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, where our invaluable expertise ensures your application proceeds without error. Even the slightest oversight could jeopardize your journey.

Take the leap today and call us at (416) 944-3267 or toll-free at 866-886-8014 for a complimentary consultation, as you embark on this extraordinary path of love and togetherness.

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