How to Sponsor a Spouse From Romania

The Family Sponsorship Canada program allows you to sponsor a relative or spouse. Please note that same-sex marriage is not legal in Romania. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and a Canadian citizen, a Canadian Permanent resident, or an Indian as prescribed in the Canadian Indian Act.

If you have fallen in love with a Romanian citizen, you will need to marry them before you can sponsor them.

In Romania, marriage follows a civil law system, and only civil marriages are legally valid. You can have a religious ceremony, but it must be conducted after the civil marriage. Religious leaders who do not adhere to this rule may face penalties.

Marriages take place in civil status offices or Casa de Casatorii (marriage houses), which can be found in approximately 2,700 administrative units such as towns, municipalities, and communes. The marriage should take place where the Romanian resident has legal residence. However, it is possible to change the legal residence easily if you prefer a more picturesque location for the wedding.

Bring Your Spouse to Canada

Here's how we can help you:

  • Formulate a strategy based on your particular circumstances.
  • Collect and review supporting documentation to sufficiently establish the genuineness of your relationship.
  • Prepare you and your spouse or partner for any requested interviews.
  • Provide expert legal submissions in support of your application.
  • Communicate with the immigration authorities on your behalf to ensure you don’t miss anything, which could lead to significant delays.

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Before marrying a Romanian citizen, there are certain personal conditions you must fulfill, including:

Both parties must be over 18 years old and of sound mind.

Both parties must not have incurable, communicable diseases (a medical certificate from a family doctor, valid for 14 days after it is issued, must be provided).

Both parties must be single, divorced, or widowed (second marriages are not allowed).

Several documents are required before the marriage, which should be submitted in a marriage file to the civil status office at least 13 days prior to the marriage. These documents include:

Declaration of marriage, which must be filled in person and express the intention to marry.

Temporary residence card for Romanians domiciled abroad.

Identification documents such as ID cards, Provincial ID cards, passports, ID cards with temporary residence stickers, and identity bulletins for Romanian citizens domiciled in Romania.

  • Passports with an entry stamp or visa to Romania for foreigners.
  • Proof of the termination of previous marriage(s), such as marriage and death certificates of previous spouses or divorce certificates.
  • Original and copy of birth certificates of both parties.
  • Medical certificates from Romanian generalist practitioners.
  • Receipt for RON 2 paid at the local tax office (DITL or DGITL).
  • Certificate of No Impediment.

If you do not speak Romanian, you will need a legal interpreter authorized by the Ministry of Justice.

Sponsoring a Romanian Citizen

To sponsor a Romanian citizen, you must demonstrate to Canadian immigration officials that you can financially support them upon arrival. This financial support should not prevent you from meeting your basic needs and those of your relatives, such as shelter, food, and clothing. Additionally, you must show that the person you sponsor will not require social assistance.

You will need to file a sponsorship application for permanent resident status. Before the application is processed, your Romanian spouse can visit you by obtaining a visitor visa.

Importance of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer for Sponsorship

It is highly recommended to hire an immigration lawyer when filing a sponsorship application, as even the smallest mistake could lead to rejection. Hiring a lawyer also provides convenience and increases the chances of success. At the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, we specialize in spousal sponsorship immigration and have a high success rate.

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FAQ: Sponsorship of a Spouse from Romania