How to Sponsor a Spouse From Syria

Bringing your beloved Syrian partner to Canada requires navigating the spousal sponsorship application process. To ensure a smooth transition, it is advisable to seek professional guidance if you find any aspect of the sponsorship process unclear.

Requirements for Marrying a Syrian Citizen

To marry a Syrian citizen, you must provide the government authorities with proof of eligibility. This includes documentation such as proof of country of birth, proof of single status, and meeting the age requirement. If you marry in Canada, you can submit your Canadian marriage certificate during the sponsorship application. However, if you marry in Syria, you'll need to obtain a Syrian marriage certificate and have it officially translated into English, with notarization.

Bring Your Spouse to Canada

Here's how we can help you:

  • Formulate a strategy based on your particular circumstances.
  • Collect and review supporting documentation to sufficiently establish the genuineness of your relationship.
  • Prepare you and your spouse or partner for any requested interviews.
  • Provide expert legal submissions in support of your application.
  • Communicate with the immigration authorities on your behalf to ensure you don’t miss anything, which could lead to significant delays.

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Obtaining a Syrian Marriage Visa

To qualify for a Syrian marriage visa, you must submit various documents, including your passport, two colored passport photos, and two completed and signed visa forms (one for each couple). Additional documents may be required depending on your circumstances. For example, if you are currently employed, you'll need to provide a letter from your employer detailing your position. Students will need to submit a university letter or a photocopy of their university ID card.

Ensuring Approval of Your Spousal Sponsorship Application in Canada

Navigating the complexities of marrying a Syrian spouse can be challenging, but seeking professional assistance can streamline the bureaucratic process. By consulting an immigration lawyer, you can ensure your documents are accurately translated by licensed agencies and gather the necessary supporting documents to establish the genuineness of your relationship. Collaborating with an immigration lawyer increases the likelihood of a successful application.

Many spousal sponsorship applications are rejected due to incorrect responses on the forms. If you encounter any uncertainties while completing the application, it is crucial to seek clarification. Providing irrelevant or inaccurate information can result in the return or rejection of your application.

For instance, understanding who can be listed as a dependent for sponsorship purposes is vital. Financial dependence alone does not automatically qualify someone as a dependent when applying for sponsorship. An immigration lawyer will guide you through the essential rules that apply to Syrian applicants, saving you time and money by avoiding duplicate fees for forms that may eventually be returned.